Valencia County


Since I have moved back to Valencia County, in New Mexico. I have over the past 5 years have driven down here from time to time, but I never really “saw” what was here. I have been taking photos down here since I started in High School, but never saw things outside the “horizon” of my youth and experience.

After being confined in ABQ for the past 5 years, with my vision refined and experiences of beyond New Mexico first hand, my “horizons” had expanded while my physical environment was contracted.

I saw things that I was longing back in the dark night skies, the clear lines of the horizons unobstructed by man and the quiet open fields along the roads towards the forests of the Rio Grande.

The other night on the way home, on North Rio del Oro, I pulled over and saw the full Moon in it’s glory, creating a second “day” and observed the shadows, the diffuse light and the deep, dark blues of the sky with the stars as the diamonds of this velvet sky.

There, in the east was Orion over the Manzano Mountains, I saw the “Horizon” of my vision, and inviting me to come over to the edge and see this place anew.

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Toyo D45M



Since Sabaku Con, I have been busy with doing some work for the Lolita Fashion group here in New Mexico and also with the band Kazha. So, many things are going on, and the trip to Anime Expo and Saboten this summer. In this time I have decided to go big.


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First post of 2014!

Something a bit new.



This Friday is the start of Sabaku Con 2014. I am looking forward on seeing my old friends of the past couple of years here in Albuquerque, and meeting new ones as we the people of ABQ proudy run.





Also as I have been using film alone in all of my photography this past year. I have found myself enjoying the solitude of working on my art with my materials. As I work in a very public area and spend most of my time with others. I do enjoy the company of the cosplayers, the outdoors and of the many who I help at one of my greatest legacies. I have built a nice set of equipment that I see as tools to meet my vision and needs of art, not as tools of vanity and self worth.





As a result of myself of working in this type of vacuum, I have a found a nice vibrant community of those who share a similar interests and peculiarities. That I contribute to and also learn immensely from as I do my work and reach my goals. I have found a meaning of significance to what I am doing and into a direction that my community enjoys. I have found that as long you have a voice, you use what means you can to get your vision out. I have found mine in film. Yours might be in digital, but it really doesn’t matter as long you feel good about it.




Have fun!

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Photography Blogging

It’s been an eternity since posting, but what I have been doing the past couple of months have been very busy with doing new things and just doing stuff. From going to Puerto Rico to going to Phoenix, AZ for Saboten 2013. Where all things that I had planned had gone to the dustbin and did other, bigger things.



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5 Years Of this Page.



This is the oldest picture I had taken on my laptop. This was taken January 3rd, 2008, this was the during the start of a great personal journey.

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Kodak Ektar 100

This is an intro into my re-introduction into color negative shooting and also a summary on how good Ektar 100 is. I should have never stopped shooting film, it’s that good.

Now for the photos!

NIght Building

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New Year

For 2013, I have been on a film binge. Yeah, I had found using film has really made myself at peace after years of keeping up with others with my A900 that I just dumped my DSLR for a film processing system. It does not mean I’ll stop doing cosplay shoots at conventions, but it allows myself the freedom not having the pressure of taking a lot of photos, but to concentrate on doing fewer and better ones.

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Otaku Mex 2012 Cosplay Photos

It’s almost been two weeks since Otaku Mex 2012. I have been stoked by the people who I took photos of and my fans out there. I had really stepped up my game and focus. I know now how to do great things and to really make myself a better photographer and as a person as well.

Without further ado, here’s a few of them!

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Laguna Pueblo: An Essay

Just a little photo essay of a short trip from the west of Los Lunas, NM, to Laguna Pueblo, NM. A focus on the progress of Rt. 66 in Los Lunas to the modern Interstate system.

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Second Roll

A little while ago I shot a second roll and improved on some of the processing and I used a Y2 Yellow filter. I really like how I can do so much, and yet there is a limit. This limit is where you find yourself and must make something of it. Here’s a few shots and I hope you enjoy them!

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